Jewish community of russian speakers in Karmiel


Dear friends!

We are happy to present a new website of the Russian-speaking Jewish community of Karmiel.

In our approach to the traditions forgotten in exile, in search of G-d and Meaning, in revealing the Sparks of Holiness, we must be together, lend a helping hand to each other, know that we are not alone in this world. Near friends. And above us is the Israeli transparent sky. Let’s look at him – and at each other.

Currently, our website regularly publishes audio recordings of lectures by Rabbi Eli Talberg in russian language, which he reads for Beit Midrash in our community, announcements about upcoming events in the community and about the features of services and synagogue readings for the coming week, as well as materials submitted by our friends from Haifa : audio recordings of Beit Midrash by Tanya Pyatigorskaya. We want to make our Jewish tradition more understandable and accessible to Jews who grew up in a Russian-speaking environment, because only what we (at least to some extent) understand can we truly love and live it. In the Soviet Union, everything Jewish, as forbidden, always aroused keen interest, and this “forbidden fruit” not only seemed, but actually was the sweetest. Now that the fruit has ceased to be forbidden, the artificially induced adventurous interest in the secret must give way to a natural, even habitual, interest in constant Jewish study as a necessary healthy foundation for our spiritual life.

Jewish russian-speaking Karmiel community site administration.


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